International Festival of Patras

Top institution and pillar of the cultural life of the city, the International Festival of Patras has a glorious history and legacy remaining in the elite of summer cultural events, with an international scope.

By focusing on the music, the character of the International Festival, was extended to the field of theater, dance, and cinema.

With original productions, with exclusive appearances by artists, the International Festival of Patras has shaped a festival with prestigious and unique feature.

The Carnival is the largest carnival event in Greece. Counts 180 years history. The events begin in mid-January and last up to Clean Monday. The Patras Carnival is a set of events including dances, parades, hunting of hidden treasure, kids’ carnival etc. Its apogee is in the last weekend of Carnival with the Saturday evening parade of carnival groups, the extravagant Sunday parade of floats and groups, and finally the burning of King Carnival at the dock of St. Nicholas. Features of the carnival is the fun, the friendship, the inspiration, spontaneity, improvisation and volunteering.

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